If You Just Struggle With Eyeshadow, She Has A Few Easy To Follow Tips For You

“I’m gonna use it to do exactly that,” says Mikayla, as she applies the shade to the natural crease of her eyelid with a medium blending brush.

Here’s an interesting tip from Mikayla that not everyone may mention. She says that if you have hooded eyelids and can’t find your crease, you’ll have to make your own using the eyeshadow.

Once the color is laid down, Mikayla says to start moving your blending brush in small, circular motions to feather out the product until it’s smoothed out all over her crease and reaches the up to her brows and towards the tail end of the brows. The ‘sculpting’ in the crease gives the eyes some definition.

Next, Mikayla takes a more orange-based color called “Clay” and applies it with a small blending brush to add some “color definition.”

Mikayla also applies this color to her crease and the outer part of her eyelid.

“This is gonna create more dimension on the eye,” notes Mikayla.

Once she’s done applying the second shade, Mikayla takes a large blending brush with nothing on it and blends away on her eyelid, making sure the two colors she applied smooth out together with no harsh lines.

As soon as she’s done blending, Mikayla says it is time to add a shimmer shade! Here’s something you might not have expected – Mikayla uses a cosmetic glitter glue to apply a shimmery eyeshadow.

It helps the shimmer stand out, stay on, and prevents it from going dull. Here’s how she uses it.

Mikayla applies the NYX Glitter Primer anywhere she’ll eventually apply the shimmer on her eyelids. She uses her finger to gently tap in the product before taking the shimmer shade from her palette and pressing it onto her lid, still using her finger.

“If you want a really nice pop, I say do two layers of the shimmer shadow,” adds Mikayla.

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