In 1981, She Vanished While Driving To Visit Her Daughter, And Her Car Was Later Found At The Airport, But She Was Never Seen Or Heard From Again

State of California Department of Justice - pictured above is Ina

In 1981, a woman named Ina M. Arnall lived in Poteau, Oklahoma.

There has been little information reported regarding her personal life. However, it is known that Ina had a daughter who lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And on May 28 of that year, Ina decided to travel over 100 miles for a mother-daughter visit in Tulsa.

Tragically, though, the 46-year-old mother never actually arrived safely at her destination. Instead, Ina was never heard from or seen by her loved ones again.

The following day, May 29, Ina’s car was found. She drove a diesel-powered four-door 1980 Oldsmobile that had reportedly been left in a parking lot at the Tulsa Airport.

After Ina did not arrive in Tulsa, her daughter began looking for her mother and ultimately discovered the truck.

Authorities were contacted, but they did not uncover any evidence inside or around the car that pushed them to believe foul play might have been involved.

So, it has now been over 41 years since Ina was last sighted leaving her home. The mother’s case has remained unsolved, and in the past, authorities revealed their belief that Ina might have left on her own accord.

In fact, investigators thought that Ina might have traveled to Nevada or San Francisco, California, at some point after she disappeared.

State of California Department of Justice – pictured above is Ina

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