In 1991, This Louisiana Man Went To Buy A Gallon Of Milk And Vanished, Leaving His Three Daughters Searching For Answers To This Day

FBI - pictured above is A.J.

For his whole life, Adam John “A.J.” Breaux lived in Houma, Louisiana. He had three daughters and was well-known throughout his hometown for his retail experience– with over 30 years under his belt working at Earl Williams Clothing Store.

“He was darn good at his job,” said A.J.’s daughter, Tania Guidry.

“Men would walk into the store, and he would automatically know their sizes. He is the happiest, most pleasant man to be around. He loved to help people.”

In 1991, the 50-year-old had also been sober for eight years. Prior to getting clean, A.J. had battled alcoholism– which resulted in a drunk driving arrest.

But he eventually turned his life around– joining an AA group known as The Easy Does It Club and attending meetings nearly every evening.

“Once he got involved with the program, it changed his whole life. He became even more responsible and more dependable and more trustworthy and more of a friend because he was involved with more people,” A.J.’s daughter, Melissa Tardo, said.

The 50-year-old was also inspired to help others start their own journey to sobriety. However, on August 28, 1991, everything mysteriously changed.

That evening, A.J. attended an AA meeting before leaving The Easy Does It Club at about 10:00 p.m. Afterward, he visited a convenience store on Barrow Street to purchase a gallon of milk.

Once A.J. finished the transaction and exited the store with the milk, though, the father of three was never seen again.

FBI – pictured above is A.J.

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