Now That Her Wedding Is 3 Months Away, She’s Afraid That She Has Really Outgrown Her Fiancé And Should Call It Off, But She Has Other Fears Getting In The Way Of Ending Things

She also adores walking, going out on the town, and going on little adventures around the city where she lives.

Any time that she asks her fiancé to come to join her in doing things she loves, he acts like it’s a burden.

Her fiancé acts like an old man, not someone who is 27, and it’s irritating. Their differences in interests are not the only hurdle for her, though; they also are not on the same page regarding the timing for having children or the kind of lifestyles they would like to have.

They fight constantly, with it always ending in her fiancé threatening to dump her. Now, she’s the one contemplating ending things, even though she knows everyone will hate her for it, including him and all of their loved ones.

Several months ago, she did tell him that she was concerned about tying the knot, and he didn’t take that news well.

He told her she could give her engagement ring back or stop talking about it. She chose to stop talking about it.

“He’s content by us just being comfortable together, says he’s completely in love with me, and he doesn’t want to break up at all, once again making it soul-crushing for me to do this,” she said.

“I couldn’t let go; l agreed to swallow the feeling. Things seemed to be okay, I was glad I didn’t have to deal with the heartbreak. Then again, I got hit with an insane wave of the same worry and doubting a month ago (full-on depression)…”

“Family got involved (because he complained to his mom that gave me trauma in the past), my mom, aunts, and grandma are telling me not to do this (they are old fashioned, BTW) that everything will resolve after the wedding, and that I can’t unlove someone I’ve been with for so long and fought so hard to be with. It kills me that my imagination started to wonder, that I get wandering eyes, that I’m always thinking of what ifs and this…gut feeling.”

Because she’s basing all of this on feelings, that makes it so hard for her to actually end things with him for good.

He has not given her an actual bad reason to move on, which would make it easy. She is beginning to think leaving him is for the best, but there are other fears stopping her from simply walking away.

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