Prior To Meeting Her Boyfriend, She Had A One-Night Stand With His Friend, And Her Boyfriend Is Constantly Bringing This Up - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old girl has been seeing her 22-year-old boyfriend for half a year now, but they only decided to be exclusive 3 months ago.

Prior to dating her boyfriend, she had a one-night stand with one of his friends, and this all came out after this particular friend of her boyfriend’s started talking about her while her boyfriend was hanging out with his friends.

She wanted to tell her boyfriend the complete truth, so she informed her boyfriend that 2 years before she even met him, that’s when the one-night stand happened.

She felt honesty was the best policy in this situation because she thought her boyfriend would feel terrible if she kept quiet, and his friend was the first to fill him in on what had gone down between them.

At the time, her boyfriend insisted it was ok, and he appreciated her telling him the truth, but lately, his behavior says otherwise.

Anytime they get into a disagreement, her boyfriend brings up the fact that she had a one-night stand with his friend.

She says her boyfriend is constantly bringing this up, and she doesn’t think it does him any good to see this friend of his every single week.

Her boyfriend and this friend of his play hockey together weekly, and she genuinely believes her boyfriend having to see his friend so often only serves as a “reminder” of what happened.

“The friend hasn’t brought me up since my BF and I started dating (to my knowledge), but I can still tell it still really bugs my BF,” she explained. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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