She And Her Boyfriend Never Have Engaging Conversations, So She’s Not Sure If She Should End Things Or If She’s Being Too Picky

Now, don’t get me wrong: on paper, it appears as though their relationship is perfect. They reportedly both want children and pets, love outdoor activities, respect each other, cook for each other, and always plan fun weekend activities. Plus, they are generally just laid-back people.

Over the last year, though, she has noticed some issues that are making her question whether they should even start a life together in a new place at all.

For instance, whenever they drive somewhere in the car or even sit down to eat dinner, they apparently barely speak a word to each other.

Of course, there is small talk or discussions about planning activities. Beyond those “surface level” topics, though, she claims that it is very difficult for them to keep up engaging conversations.

She claims that she has specifically tried to help this issue by asking more about her boyfriend’s interests. Plus, she reportedly did her best to listen and think of well-thought-out responses.

However, even though her boyfriend also tries to listen, she believes that his responses are usually lackluster and just end the conversation.

“But with the right group or type of people, we can both talk for days,” she said.

Anyway, she did bring this concern up to her boyfriend a couple of times. But, he did not see it as a big problem and said their lack of conversation did not really bug him.

So, even though she feels comfortable with her boyfriend and “happy enough” in their relationship, she acknowledges how her heart doesn’t exactly “skip a beat” whenever her boyfriend walks through the door. And since she used to get that feeling in a past relationship, she knows it exists and realizes that she is missing out.

At the same time, though, she is also wondering whether knowing that she could feel more connected with someone else is what’s holding her back from moving forward with her current relationship.

Regardless, she believes that her boyfriend really is a wonderful and caring partner at the end of the day. He always wants to work through problems together, but sometimes, she knows that certain problems are beyond fixing.

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