She And Her Friend Went To A Party, And When A Girl Hit On Him, She Made A Comment About How He Used To Be Overweight, Which Really Hurt His Feelings

“I was immediately told by some friends that it was a mean thing to say, and in hindsight, James seemed a little speechless.”

“The girl asked me what I meant, and I explained that he used to be way chubbier. Then she shrugged and said he’s “hot” and would take him off me if I didn’t mind. I thought this was trashy and just left.”

She left the situation, but she didn’t leave the party, and later on, she had the opportunity to speak to James alone.

During their conversation, it seemed to her that she had really hurt his feelings. She informed James that she was just joking because if people had seen him last year, there wasn’t a chance that anyone would have considered them to be dating.

She seems to be the only person who got her joke, as James and the rest of their friends certainly didn’t get her humor.

“I mean, the whole point of the joke was that he’s considered more attractive now, but I know his true awkward self and past,” she continued.

She’s left wondering if what she said was actually mean. What do you think?

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