She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Told Her That He Didn’t Want To Get Married Or Have Kids, But Now He Says He Has Changed His Mind And Does Want All Of This

“It was incredibly painful, and I felt like I loved him so much and didn’t really care for no one else. But it had to be done. Fast forward three days after the breakup, my BF says he realized he’s making a huge mistake.”

“That he loves me so much he wants us to be together forever. He can see value in family and imagine us having kids together, playing with them, and going on holidays. As soon as he says that, all the pain, the heartbreak, and any feelings really disappear. I cannot feel anything.”

Her boyfriend’s revelation came a week ago, and in the days after, he insisted that he had changed his mind and wanted all of the future plans she did.

He began discussing their wedding, he picked out engagement rings, and he tried to spend a lot of time with her.

He clearly was all of a sudden all-in on their relationship and was making an honest effort. Although this is what she has wanted all along, she’s just left feeling guilty.

“He says he’ll never meet someone like me again and that he feels so satisfied in our relationship,” she said.

“He also wants to go on more dates and participate more in my hobbies. And I don’t know why, but I can’t feel anything but guilt anymore. Even though when we were breaking up, I felt like I loved him more than anyone else in the world.”

“I also have this feeling that there might be someone better suited for me out there and feel very guilty about that too. I really, really don’t know what to do. I’m extremely confused. Should I let him have a second chance? Or break his heart and move one?”

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