She Doesn’t Allow Her Husband’s Parents To Be That Involved With Their Children Because Of How Cruel They Are To Their Oldest, But Now Her Husband Is Insisting She’s Depriving Their Children Of Their Family

On top of that, they hardly spoke to their eldest grandchild that entire evening, causing her to call her boyfriend and have him pick her up. 

Thankfully, her parents are excellent with all the kids, including the 16-year-old. Before they even met her, they inquired about her clothing sizes and hobbies so they could bring her gifts along with the other kids.

More than that, they like to take her out for some one-on-one grandparent time without the little ones around. 

“My husband’s parents have been asking to come see the kids, but I’ve been refusing to let them visit because of the way they treated our oldest when they met the baby,” she explained.

“My husband says it’s not fair that I let my family visit at least once a month, but I won’t let his family visit.”

Her husband also accused her of depriving their kids of half their family. Do you think her husband’s parents should be allowed to visit anymore?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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