She Found Her Boyfriend’s Secret Diary Where He Confessed To Being Completely In Love With A Celebrity, So Now She’s Thinking Their Relationship Can’t Be Saved

It’s not like her to go snooping, but she was so worried that cheating was the reason why her boyfriend had changed so drastically.

She didn’t find a single thing that indicated her boyfriend had found someone new, but she did discover a secret diary her boyfriend kept.

“I’m still a bit shocked at what I read, and it all feels so surreal,” she said. “Long story short: he’s supposedly in love with an idol who doesn’t know he exists and lives in another country.”

“He went to her concert and met her at a fan meet. He watches her videos all day, both her music videos and vlogs.”

“He admits that he has no chance of being with her as she has millions of others fawning over her, but he still got his life in order using her as his motivation. Two verbatim quotes: he has “fallen in love with her personality,” and what he feels for her is “unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.”

In light of this new information, she’s not sure their relationship can be saved. When she tried to address with him what she found in his diary, he avoided the real conversation she was trying to have.

Instead of trying to talk through everything with her, he just got upset that she went through his things without asking.

Do you think their relationship is doomed because he’s in love with a celebrity and not her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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