She Generously Bought Her Daughter A Tesla For Her Birthday, But Her Daughter Wasn’t Grateful At All, So She Got Her A Different Car To Brilliantly Teach Her A Lesson

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A mom on TikTok named Neshie (@neshieslife2340) wanted to surprise her daughter with a car for her sixteenth birthday. And that car happened to be a brand-new Tesla.

Most sixteen-year-olds would be ecstatic just to get behind the wheel of a Tesla; I mean, it’s a Tesla, for goodness’ sake!

And other teens would consider themselves lucky to be gifted any car for their birthdays–even a used one.

However, when she presented the Tesla to her daughter, she was not a fan of it and demanded that her mother return it because she really wanted a Mercedes-Benz.

Neshie was shocked by her daughter’s lack of gratitude and did end up returning the Tesla. But it wasn’t to get a Mercedes.

Instead, she decided to teach her daughter a lesson and went back for a used cherry-red Chevrolet Sonic.

Then, she recorded her daughter’s reaction to the downgrade. The video has been viewed over twelve million times.

When her daughter came out to the driveway, Neshie said excitedly, “Here’s your car! Look at your ‘Mercedes.'”

Her daughter looked around in confusion, asking, “Where’s my Mercedes?” And her parents exclaimed, “Right here!” in unison, referring to the used Chevy.

speed300 – – illustrative purposes only

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