She Got Into A Terrible Car Accident On The Day Of Her Best Friend’s Wedding And Missed It, But Since Her Best Friend Has Shown No Concern For How She Is After The Accident, She Wants To Stop Being Her Friend

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This woman has a best friend whom she has been close to for 17 years now, and back in 2021, her best friend moved to Florida.

Since she’s a single mom and also the owner of a catering company, she has not been able to make it from California to Florida to see her best friend since she relocated.

When her best friend got engaged and asked if she wanted to be her maid of honor, she was overjoyed to say yes.

She then made sure she was there to help her best friend every step of the way with the planning of her wedding, and she was especially helpful with assisting in everything related to catering because of what she does for a living.

Anyway, the day of her best friend’s wedding arrived, and she was running all over the place that morning trying to get everything together.

Her sister-in-law was there with her, as her sister-in-law and brother are super close to her best friend.

After she and her sister-in-law were done with their errands, they both ran back to her best friend’s house to put their makeup on and do their hair.

They then gave everyone a ride from her best friend’s house to the wedding venue, which was super close by.

Following the drop-off, she stepped in to help make sure photos were going well before noticing that she forgot her bag at her best friend’s house.

EpicStockMedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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