She Has A Barbie Baseball Cap From Her Childhood That Her Toddler Son Adores, But Her Sister-In-Law Is Furious With Her For Not Wanting To Give It To Her Niece

“I told her to just buy one online or something, but she said that she feels like that would be a waste,” she recalled. “I said I was sorry, but I wasn’t giving her the hat.”

Her sister-in-law then went on a rant about how once her son is old enough to realize the hat is Barbie themed, he’ll throw it out. How could she know that for sure?

She told her sister-in-law that if the time comes when her son isn’t interested in the hat anymore, she’d consider giving it to them.

Later, she found her sister-in-law telling her son that “Barbie is for girls” and that he shouldn’t have the hat because it’s Barbie themed. This made her son really upset. The audacity of this woman?

This infuriated her, and she told her sister-in-law that she wouldn’t ever get it after what she said to her son. She said she’d throw it away or bring it back to her parent’s house whenever her son didn’t want it anymore. 

“She got all frustrated and said that I’m being absolutely ridiculous,” she continued. 

Her sister-in-law called her childish and said that she broke her niece’s heart, which made her start to feel guilty.

Should she feel guilty, or was she right to put her foot down and refuse to give them the hat?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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