She Has An Interesting Catfish Story, And It Seems This Guy Could Have Been Potentially Dangerous

But Amanda still felt that something was off.

“I started seeing some red flags,” she adds.

For starters, Luca had asked Amanda out to dinner within the first five minutes of their conversation. That’s almost too quick.

He also wanted to take her to dinner at a restaurant called Moo, which Amanda describes as “one of the most premiere steakhouses in Boston.”

“Normally, I won’t do dinner on a first date,” states Amanda. “Just drinks.”

In her second video, Amanda explains that she decided to entertain her conversations with Luca for a bit, as he was a funny guy, and there was still a slight chance that he could be real.

“I could just be paranoid,” continues Amanda. “But ladies, always trust your gut instinct.”

Then, Amanda got really freaked out when Luca asked her if she wanted him to pick her up for their date, which is basically asking for her address.

“Never, ever, ever give out your address to somebody you do not know,” adds Amanda.

Over the two days they were messaging each other, Luca would still make comments about picking up Amanda and driving her home, despite her already telling him that she would Uber to the date.

On the day of the date, Luca told Amanda that he had made a reservation at Moo for 7:30 pm. The last text Luca had sent her was at 2:47 pm that day.

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