She Hid Her Pregnancy And Attended Her Sister-In-Law’s Baby Shower, But While At The Event, She Went Into False Labor, And Now Her Sister-In-Law Is Accusing Her Of Pulling A “Baby Stunt”

So, she decided to try her best to hide her baby bump and attend the baby shower anyway.

And at first, everything appeared to be going well. According to her, no one really noticed– or rather pointed out– her belly.

“I mean, I got a few looks, but no one asked me anything,” she recalled.

But then, about an hour into the event, she started experiencing some tiny cramps that grew more and more aggressive. So, after a while, she was forced to tell her husband that they needed to leave and head to the hospital.

Right as they were walking out, though, she suffered a sharp pain that caused her to nearly stumble over and grab a nearby picnic table– which drew some attention to herself. And at that point, she honestly thought she was in labor since the pains were becoming so intense.

At the same time, more people started surrounding her and her husband to ask what was wrong. So, her husband– who was panicking himself– was forced to spill the beans,

“She’s pregnant, guys. She’s pregnant; something’s going on. We have to leave,” her husband told everyone before rushing her to the hospital.

Thankfully, by the time they got to the hospital, her pains had subsided, and the doctors told her she had just experienced false labor. Unfortunately, though, she and her husband had to deal with a ton of anger on behalf of the rest of her family.

Apparently, her sister-in-law and other party guests started sending furious texts about how it was messed up for her to hide the pregnancy. They also claimed it was unbelievable for her to show up at the baby shower pregnant and be so secretive about it.

Finally, she even got accused of pulling a “baby stunt” at her sister-in-law’s party.

“Just a lot of not-nice texts. Not one was asking if I was alright,” she vented.

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