She Nearly Got Hid Head-On By A Tractor Trailer While Driving In Snowy Weather, And She’s Convinced A Guardian Angel Disguised As A Police Officer Helped Save Her From A Terrible Fate That Day

“Normally, you can see a cop pull out after you, see their lights on, or the car themselves if they turn it off,” she explains. “All I saw were the cars waiting for me, now driving. It’s weird to explain, but this cop disappeared in seconds.”

There was no sign of the cop that had spoken to her anywhere. It was just traffic flowing behind her.
She told everyone she knew about her potentially fatal accident and the disappearing cop, and they were all just as puzzled.

“I think (and my parents agreed) either that cop was sent by God at the exact moment I needed help, or he wasn’t really a cop at all,” she recalls. “It’s been a decade, and I still think about this encounter.”

Do you think that cop was a guardian angel sent to keep her safe?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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