She Opened Up About Past Trauma To Her Friend, Then Realized Her Friend Was Sharing Everything She Said On Instagram

Then, after she confided in her friend regarding that situation, she also opened up about a bunch of other issues.

For instance, how her family had spoken badly about her or excluded her, and how she often felt like “the odd one out” since her immediate family was deceased.

And most recently, she went to her friend one more time and decided to share an amusing story. Apparently, one of her former roommates worked with a now-defunct band they both liked and told her a funny tale.

So, she decided to text her friend about the story, but her friend shut her down immediately.

“I don’t like rumors. I only pay attention to what is in front of me,” her friend texted back.

Now, all she did was “like” the message– because she thought her friend’s point was fair, and she respected their perspective.

Right afterward, though, she noticed that her friend had posted three consecutive stories on Instagram.

And after clicking on them, she realized that her friend was sharing all of the issues she had talked about in the past– just without naming her.

She was shocked and opted to immediately deactivate all of her accounts online. She also planned to confront her friend about the stories but eventually lost her confidence to do that.

And now, she is honestly just feeling really bummed out. After all, her friend knew how hard it was for her to reach out to friends in the first place.

“I don’t mind if she talks to her friends about it in private, but I don’t know why she had to publicly do that,” she vented.

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