She Wants To File A Noise Complaint Against Her Neighbor, Whose Toddler Screams Constantly Every Day, But She Knows It May Get The Family Evicted

She does not believe the screams are indicators of fear or fun, either. Instead, she claimed that they sound like downright tantrum screams– and they are apparently constant.

“I will be doing laundry on the bottom floor– we are on the top floor– and I can hear her all the way on the first floor just yelling and screaming clear as day,” she added.

So, she has actually called her apartment building’s office to complain about the noise– which includes not only the toddler’s screams but also the parent’s tendency to yell in the hallway whenever they have visitors over. According to her, multiple other neighbors on her floor have become bothered, too, and also filed complaints with the front office.

Just yesterday, though, she had a very bad migraine and was forced to call out of work. But, while she was trying to rest in her bedroom with the door closed, she could still hear the little girl “going full air raid siren” until about 10:00 p.m.

She admits that the sound made her blood boil– especially because it did not even seem as though the little girl’s parents were trying to calm her down.

But, in the past, she has brought up the situation to her friends who have kids in order to get their perspective. And they told her to simply “keep it moving” since parenting kids is really hard.

She also revealed how she is an aunt of two, so she understands that children are not easy. Nonetheless, she doesn’t believe she deserves to deal with “an out-of-control toddler who screams all day and night.”

On top of her own issues with her neighbors, she claims that the family also already has two excessive noise violations. So, one more might be enough to get them evicted.

However, she knows that they have been warned multiple times by the apartment building’s management, and quite frankly, she is sick and tired of the noise interfering with her work and downtime.

Still, even though she is considering filing another noise complaint, she is not sure if it is the best move.

“I can’t help but feel immensely guilty knowing I may get a little girl and her family evicted,” she admitted.

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