She Was Gifted A Dinner To A Michelin Star Restaurant, But After Her Friend Got Upset That She Wanted To Take Her Boyfriend With Her To Eat There, She Ended Up Giving Her Friend The Reservation Instead And Upsetting Her Boyfriend

“I asked my boyfriend about this, and him, being the sweet, empathetic boy that he is, was more than willing to give up his seat in lieu of my friend, who arguably is the much bigger foodie than either of us and would’ve probably appreciated the experience more than my boyfriend or I,” she said.

“Yet, I felt super uncomfortable with this and told my friend I would prefer going with my boyfriend to the date. This is a decision that I now regret and which prompted me to write to internet strangers because she has since accused me of being naive, ignorant, wasteful (because such a dining experience should not be wasted on those who would not have understood the difference like she would’ve), and most hurtful of all, a bad friend.”

“To be fair to her, she has always had a passion for food and good restaurants. She has her own food blog, which she has diligently posted to since our college days and maintains to this day. I am definitely more of a casual observer of good food and appreciate the same as someone who works for a firm that often wines and dines its clients in upper-echelon restaurants.”

Her friend also threw it out there that she and her boyfriend couldn’t even tell if they were eating at a restaurant that had one star or three stars, and she knows her friend is correct.

In the end, she decided to give her friend her reservation, and she still held onto the gift card for $500.

She’s hoping she will be able to use it herself at some point, but if she doesn’t, she can give it to a friend.

After she gave up her reservation, her boyfriend mentioned that he was really upset with her for letting her friend walk all over her and not allowing them to eat there.

“Moreover, I feel bad that I promised him a fancy dinner at this three-Michelin-starred restaurant and then rescinded the offer to give to someone else,” she continued.

She’s left wondering if she handled things in the right way. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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