She Was One Of The Highest-Paid Radio Actresses In Argentina Before She Became The First Lady, And She Played A Massive Role In Ensuring Women Were Given The Right To Vote

Although there was a lot of love for Eva at the time, some people couldn’t stand her and accused her of being a hypocrite, as she advocated for poor, working-class people but was often seen in glamorous clothes and jewelry. 

There is no denying that no matter what she was wearing, she was getting a lot of work done. 

Eva played a massive role in ensuring women were given the right to vote in Argentina. She heavily campaigned for women’s rights as first lady by publishing articles, giving speeches to huge crowds of women, etc. Finally, in 1947, the law for women’s right to vote was passed. However, Eva didn’t stop there and formed the Peronista Feminist Party in 1949. 

Eva had become so popular amongst the working class in Argentina that she was invited to run for vice president in the 1951 election. She declined, one of her reasons being that she was extremely ill. Eva had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and passed away after her husband’s re-election in July of 1952. She was 33-years-old. 

Whether it’s on the pages of history books or in the songs of a Broadway musical, Eva Perón’s legacy is a long-lasting one. 

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