She Went Out To Lunch With Her Friend But Quickly Left After She Realized Her Friend Was Ordering A Ton While Trying To Get Out Of Paying Her Share Of The Bill

eshana_blue - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old woman has a friend the same age as her named Liah, and they have been friends for 2 decades.

Not that long ago, she and Liah kind of went their separate ways, as she’s super focused on her career, whereas Liah is more into the party life.

In an effort to buckle down and achieve her dreams, she knew Liah kind of had to go. After spending 7 years not really being friends, Liah surprisingly asked her to come out to lunch recently along with another friend.

“I finished my post-graduate, created a startup, and have accomplishments that I’m proud of, and she isn’t interested,” she explained.

“We can never talk about anything but her. She insisted, and I gave in because her husband just dumped her, and I thought maybe I could make a difference, at least for a few hours.”

“Her other friend, Elizabeth (f32), arrived, and we started ordering food. Elizabeth is extremely wealthy. I’ve known her since we were teenagers. Her own friendship with Liah kind of died years ago, but I’ve always suspected it’s because Liah doesn’t reciprocate.”

Anyway, she is on a super tight budget right now, as she’s intending to take 2 months off this summer to celebrate passing an exam she needs to complete prior to accepting a job.

But, back to lunch with Liah and Elizabeth. Around an hour into grabbing lunch with them, Liah began ordering a ton of food.

She realized Elizabeth made a face, and she knew this had to be one big old red flag. So, she made sure to order crab just for herself and asked for it to be on a separate bill.

eshana_blue – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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