She Went Out To Lunch With Her Friend But Quickly Left After She Realized Her Friend Was Ordering A Ton While Trying To Get Out Of Paying Her Share Of The Bill

She wanted to make it clear to Elizabeth that she was not trying to be a freeloader and had every intention of not taking advantage of her like Liah appeared to be doing.

“I paid for my food via cash app, and whatever else I ordered was from drinks and dessert,” she said.

“Liah starts dragging; she ate a lot and called her family that she was carrying a doggy bag. Ok cool. But then she did an “I forgot my wallet” skit, which was especially infuriating. Elizabeth looked unimpressed and said, “use your cash app then.”

“Liah then came up with a sob story, ran her ATM, and it was declined. Elizabeth called the waitress and asked for a detailed separation of the bill items, then paid for her own food while I was perplexed and…speechless. Elizabeth called Liah a leech. I was so embarrassed I went out of the restaurant and called Uber.”

She did feel awful for getting up and leaving, and she made sure to hide from Liah while she was outside and until she could climb into the car to get out of there.

Since then, Liah has been calling her up every single day to sob about her leaving her there with the bill. She knows her only option was to get out of that restaurant as soon as she realized Liah couldn’t pay her bill, but she still feels sad about it.

She’s wondering how she can get over this while wondering if she truly did the right thing here.

What do you think?

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