She Works In A Call Center, And What She Sadly Has To Say About Her Job Will Make You Stop And Think About Being Nice To The Person On The Other End Of The Phone

Antonioguillem - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When most people hear the word “call center,” they can be quick to roll their eyes. Sometimes when you have to deal with someone working at a call center in the customer service department, it can go south and be extremely frustrating.

However, have you ever taken a second to wonder how the person on the other end of the line feels?

“If you’re thinking about working a call center job,” starts a woman named Shéi (@whosshei) at the beginning of her TikTok video. “Please do not set yourself up.”

Shéi recently made the video to share her complaints on what life is like for someone who works in the customer service section of a call center.

With over 8,000 likes, Shéi’s video gives viewers a proper taste of the things she has to deal with during work.

“This is probably the most mentally and emotionally draining job I’ve ever had,” says Shéi. “You truly have to be built different.”

Shéi then goes on to explain that in order to work in customer service, you have to be prepared for people to insult and be awful towards you.

“You do not realize how messed up people are until you’ve gotta listen to them on the phone,” explains Shéi.

Shéi doesn’t shut down the concept of working in a call center completely, especially if it is one of the only job options for someone.

Antonioguillem – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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