She’s Facing A Lot Of Backlash After She Cut Off Her Daughter And Refused To Pay For Her College Tuition Or Rent

Natasha and Miriam want to use their home to take in foster children. But, as noble and great as it sounds, her parents worry it will be too much for her to handle. 

“We said that’s probably not a good idea, but it just went in one ear and out the other,” she continued.

A few weeks later, Natasha reached out to her parents and told them that her spring tuition for graduate school would be due soon, and her mom responded by telling her that they would no longer support her financially. 

Her mom’s reasoning is that she wants Natasha to use their money to finish and do well in graduate school. Therefore, she doesn’t want her to get distracted or overwhelmed by taking in foster children.

She also made it clear that she is not happy with Natasha spending her time and energy to take care of “someone else’s kids,” which she’s getting some backlash for on the internet. 

“Natasha might need a little more direction…we’re generous, and they don’t appreciate it,” she said.

Do you think it’s the right time for Natasha’s parents to cut her off?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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