She’s Issuing A Warning To Be Careful Who You Give Your House Keys To After A Man Left Scary Love Notes All Over Her House

At one point, he did things around the house, like helping her set up a new security system her dad gave her. On a busy day, she needed someone to walk her dog and accepted his offer to do it. She gave him a spare key, which he returned once he was finished with the walk.

Things got especially weird when one day, he stopped by uninvited with a handful of home decor magazine clippings and started going off on a tangent about how they could decorate the house together.

“I was so weirded out that I made an excuse to leave, started ignoring his calls, and took my son and dog to stay with my parents for several weeks to avoid a drop-in,” she recalls. “I came home a few weeks later, thinking he would have gotten the hint, and it was a quiet day.”

The next day she took her son to the zoo and returned home rather tired. She put her son down for a nap and took one herself. When she woke up about an hour later, she noticed a rose bush was placed on her bedside table.

It wasn’t there before. On the bush was a post-it note with a message about planting it in her backyard. She became terrified once she recognized the handwriting – it belonged to the man who wouldn’t leave her alone.

She got out of bed to splash some water on her face and tried to decide whether to call her parents or the police. When she got into the bathroom, she discovered that the mirror had been covered in post-it notes with scary love notes from this man.

As she walked out of her bedroom and around the rest of her house, she noticed that more post-its were scattered everywhere. The creepy messages were posted on her walls, cabinets, etc. There was even a note stuck inside her coffee maker!

The worst part of all of this was when she found one in her kitchen that read, “You’re cute when you think no one is watching you.” How terrifying is that?

As it turned out, one of the security cameras that this man had helped her install was pointed right where he had left that note. He must have figured out her password and had been watching and listening to her through the cameras.

He also must have made a copy of her spare key the day he took her dog for a walk. When he broke into her house, her dog recognized him, so there was no warning to wake her up from her nap.

She didn’t call the police to avoid any legal troubles appearing in her divorce process. Instead, she called her parents, and her dad rushed over to change her locks and put a chain on her front door. They also changed the passwords for her security system.

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