She’s Pregnant With Twins, And Her Husband Just Revealed That He Is No Longer Attracted To Her

Not only has she spent the past decade working full-time and saving her money, but she also began investing a couple of years ago, so she has a nice nest egg.

She informed her husband that she gave him money to help him cover his debts, though he just asked what she was talking about.

All she could do was stare back and remind him that they had literally just got done talking about him owing money, and he had cried all over her as he said that.

Her husband just said that he wasn’t having a great day before walking over to sit on their couch.

“The whole thing felt so weird, so I went out and asked him for details about the debts,” she explained.

“After 20 minutes of back and forth, he finally admitted he isn’t stressed about debt and isn’t having any money problems, he just isn’t attracted to me anymore.”

It’s worth mentioning that she has always been self-conscious about herself, though she hasn’t shared this with her husband in all the years that they have been together, and right now, she thinks she looks good.

She has put on between 25 to 30 pounds with her pregnancy, but she is still able to go to work and go to the gym too.

She was furious with her husband for saying he’s no longer attracted to her, because he was the one who begged her to have a child for 2 years.

“I’m giving him two, and now he’s saying I’m ugly because of my belly,” she said. “Pregnancy hormones and whatnot, I started crying a little but wiping them away as fast as I could because I was more mad than sad.”

“He said it’s not me, it’s the pregnancy, and he’s concerned about the long-term effects on my body after seeing videos of postpartum bodies and C-section scars. Then told me it wasn’t fair that I was upset because he was having a “natural male reaction,” and I’m manipulating his feelings. He’s never said anything like this before, either.”

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