The Love Of Her Life Just Dumped Her Because He Doesn’t Think She’s Going To Excel At Being A Stepmom To His Young Daughters

nerudol - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman spent quite some time single, but then she met a wonderful 30-year-old man with the kindest heart.

He turned into the love of her life, and he was the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, he dumped her a couple of days ago after stating to her that he didn’t think she was going to excel at being a stepmom to his daughters, who are 5 and 8.

Now, she has not ever met his daughters, but they did talk about how she would fit into their lives.

She had mentioned to her boyfriend that she was willing to be supportive of his daughters but that she couldn’t be completely responsible for them, as she does have a full-time career and she “didn’t bring them into this world.”

Her boyfriend replied that his daughters are his top priority before expressing that he didn’t think she was enough of an adult to put their needs above hers.

“I tried showing him that I’d make an effort with his kids by buying them presents like a huge pencil set or two mini Eiffel towers that I got for them when we went on a trip to Paris when he didn’t even think about getting them a souvenir,” she explained.

“But he said those things are just material and his kids needed way more than that. He went on to say that I might make him very happy but I won’t be capable of making his two girls happy. A major point that made me angry was that he said that he would ask his 8-year-old if she wanted another sibling before considering having a child with me.”

“This really upset me because I didn’t want a child to have authority over an important decision like that. He said she should be included in that decision, and from there on, our conversation went downhill. He broke things off, saying I’d be an unfit step-parent since I’m not willing to put their needs first.”

Her heart absolutely broke after he dumped her. She knows she would have loved his girls in her own way, even if that meant not wanting to completely stop her life to cater to them.

nerudol – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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