This Astrologer Is Talking About The Zodiac Stereotypes That Are Pretty Spot On

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Discussing zodiac signs and astrology has become extremely popular over the last few years. We talk about it so much more these days than we used to. In need of a conversation starter? You can ask someone what their sign is. 

Many people like to think they’re astrology experts just by doing some at-home research, but it’s best to get information from authentic astrologers. 

One astrologer and TikTok content creator named Taryn (@tarynleighbond) recently made a video on the most accurate zodiac stereotypes. Want to know if your personality is spot-on with your zodiac sign? Then keep reading!

Taryn starts with Tauruses. “Tauruses are blunt,” says Taryn. “They’re usually really funny too.”

She explains that even though someone who is a Taurus often has a great sense of humor, they also can be known to “give it to you straight.” If used properly, it can actually be a respectful trait!

Next up are Leos. Taryn says that Leos are often self-righteous, meaning they’re more likely to see themselves as right or superior most of the time. Interestingly, Taryn says this could go for anyone with any kind of Leo placement in their birth chart. 

“Listen, I love you, Leos,” adds Taryn. “Leo is the king or queen, and you need a certain level of conviction if you’re gonna rule a nation. They’ve got conviction for days.”

The next sign Taryn brings up is Aries. She says that Aries are impulsive. This is sometimes a good thing because this is what makes Aries people very honest.

However, even if they aren’t always outwardly impulsive, Aries can also be impulsive when it comes to their inner thoughts. 

Tanya – – illustrative purposes only

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