This Boomer Has Taken TikTok By Storm Since Posting Tons Of Hilariously Relatable Video Edits That Play Into Gen Z Habits And Trends

“Me anytime I have a dollar to my name,” commented one user.

“HELP, THIS IS SO ME,” said a second user.

Another hysterical TikTok that made the boomer ultra-viral discussed the all-too-relatable feeling after you finally straighten up your room, wash your hair, and settle down in bed to relax.

The video shows the man in a standard-looking girls’ room– equipped with pink and white fluffy pillows– while surrounded by hair masks and candles. All the while, he lipsyncs the lyrics to the classic Pussycat Dolls song, “Don’t Cha.”

Yet again, this TikTok roped in nearly 1 million views, gained just under 220,000 likes, and sparked even more discussions in the comment section.

“We are all the same on this app in some way or form,” commented one user who found the video totally relatable.

“This is so real,” joked another user.

The boomer also has countless other videos about tons of hot topics, such as watching hauls, trying to justify bad decisions by claiming it’s “for the plot,” writing off a shopping addiction as “self-care,” and more.

Who is helping the man come up with these ideas, edit the videos, and reach the young women masses? Is Syringa his daughter, niece, or somehow related to him? We have absolutely no clue!

All we know is that this guy totally gets Gen Z, and every single day, he makes us laugh out loud with his scarily relatable posts.

So, if you have yet to check out his videos, sprint to TikTok right now. You definitely will not regret it.

To watch all of the man’s videos, you can visit the TikTok account linked here.


“I won’t do it this time!” *2 seconds later* ??? #rodgercleyeedit #hyperfeminine #pinkpilatesprincess #coquette #vanillagirl #balletcore #shopping #retailtherapy #makeup

? original sound – Arendse?

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