This Confidence Coach Is Here To Remind You That When It Doesn’t Work Out With Someone, You Don’t Need To Be So Harsh On Yourself

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You’ve probably heard by now that confidence is considered one of the most attractive traits someone can have.

However, confidence doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. It’s something that most of us build up over time. You can be confident about something in one specific area of expertise and feel less sure about yourself in other areas.

For instance, you might have a high level of self-confidence in academics, but not when it comes to dating. Do you ever get really nervous when going on a date? Are you constantly worrying about how you’re coming across?

It’s normal to be a little nervous, but when you’ve experienced multiple disappointments in a relationship or on dates, it can be difficult to relax or feel at ease with yourself.

So when a connection fails to grow, you might find yourself picking apart your appearance or dwelling over every conversation you’ve had.

This confidence coach is here to remind you that when it doesn’t work out with someone, you don’t need to be so harsh on yourself.

Samantha ( is a confidence coach, and she’s telling TikTok users that she sees responsible, organized, and successful women blaming themselves for things they shouldn’t far too often.

“If you don’t hear from someone or a guy ends things, and you immediately assume you did something wrong, you might be taking responsibility for things that aren’t about you. And it’s hurting your confidence,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video.

Rejection is unavoidable when it comes to dating. And whether a guy ghosts you or breaks things off with you directly, both can feel like a punch to the gut.

Yakobchuk Olena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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