This Dark Story From Her Childhood Involves Her Mom’s Friend From Work Who Was Living A Secret Life That Nobody Had Suspected

Artranq - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One woman recently shared a dark story from her childhood that involves her mom’s friend from work living a secret life that no one had suspected until her death years later.

When she was a child in the mid-90s, she moved to Malaysia with her mother while her father was in the UK studying for his medical exams. Her mother worked at a hospital and had her watched by hospital staff in the nursery so they could visit each other during the day.

While her mother worked at the hospital, she became good friends with one of the female doctors. The doctor had recently arrived in Malaysia from India, which was something that the two women bonded over.

“She took a shine to me as she had children back home of a similar age,” she remembers. “So she’d often come over for a cup of tea, chat, and bounce me on her lap.”

The only thing that seemed off about this doctor at the time was that she would always get really heated and often vented about her ex-boyfriend. Other than that, she was a great friend to have around. That is until one day when the doctor revealed something terrifying to her mother.

Her mother had the doctor over to their house for a cup of tea one afternoon. Before this meeting, her mother noticed that the doctor’s behavior had changed. She’d start showing up late for work and would act weirdly eccentric.

During their afternoon chat, the doctor smiled at her mother and said she wanted to show her something very important. She then pulled out a small box containing a small human vertebra. What?!

The doctor told her mother that the bone had belonged to her late mother, who she described as the only person in her life that hadn’t betrayed her. Then, she went on a passionate rant about how she was always “falling victim to despicable men.”

Her mother was very alarmed but tried to stay calm and comfort her friend before sending her on her way.

Artranq – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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