This Dating Expert Is Dishing On Where You Can Actually Meet Good Guys

be free - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you searched high and low for the right guy to settle down with? Maybe you’ve scoured every dating app and found nothing.

But before you wash your hands of dating and men altogether, check out what this love expert is saying about how to meet good men. And quite possibly, the very man of your dreams.

Matthew Hussey (@thematthewhussey) is a dating expert and life coach on TikTok. He helps women navigate the dating sphere, whether they’re brokenhearted from a bad breakup, craving commitment, or confused about why guys stop texting.

And now he’s sharing how and where women can meet good guys. So if you need help finding The One, take a look at Matthew’s advice.

Sitting at home and swiping on Tinder can be tiresome, and it often doesn’t yield the greatest results anyway.

So instead, Matthew suggests muting those dating apps and getting out into environments where you can actually bump into people.

“Finding good men can be as simple as changing your routine to include more social activities that introduce you to more people,” he wrote in the caption of his video.

For example, if you like doing home workouts, try doing those same workouts at a gym or joining an exercise class.

And if you usually do your grocery shopping online, head to a store or farmer’s market instead. This way, you’re able to open up your chances for more interactions with people.

be free – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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