This Interior Stylist Is Teaching You How To Hang Your Curtains The Right Way - - illustrative purposes only

A nice set of drapes can transform a space from drab to magnificent in a heartbeat. Honestly, no room is complete without the added style and privacy that curtains provide.

They tie everything together. But even the chicest set of window coverings won’t improve a room if they’re not properly hung.

Did you know there’s a wrong way to hang your curtains? You may not have given much thought to the way the curtains in your living room are suspended, but your drapes can actually determine how you perceive the size and space of your home.

There are actually quite a few variables you need to consider when it comes to the project of hanging your curtains.

So if you want to learn how to instantly enlarge a space, TikToker and interior stylist Julie Sousa (@the_avantgarde) is here to teach you how to hang your curtains the right way.

By following some basic design rules, you can avoid the common mistakes many people make while decorating their homes.

Julie says that emphasizing height and vertical lines works to diminish human scale and draw the eyes upward. Therefore, the placement of a curtain rod can impact the height of a room.

Most people like to hang their curtains close to the window trim. But when curtain rods are placed too low, it can make a small area feel even smaller.

Instead, mount the rods as close to the ceiling or crown molding as possible to create the illusion of height. It also has the added effect of making your window appear taller and bigger. – – illustrative purposes only

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