This Psychotherapist Is Sharing 6 Tips For Improving Your Listening Skills Because That’s Super Important In Any Relationship

The next thing that Esther suggests is to read aloud with your partner a book called The Art of Listening by Erich Fromm.

And the last but most important thing to do is to ask new questions about old stories.

Which ones do you need to improve on? And which one of these is your strongest?


The qualities that make a good listener may seem obvious, but they can be quite nuanced. It’s a delicate balance of receiving and reciprocating—taking information and giving attention and care. Tell me, what about listening is hard for you? #listening #therapy #relationships

? Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

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On The Night She Disappeared, One Of Her Friends Ran Into Her Walking Around Town Without Shoes On, And Then He Asked Her If She Was Being Followed

He Decided To Pay For College For His Nanny’s Children But Is Refusing To Pay For His Stepdaughter’s College Education Because His New Wife Can Easily Afford It

Her Brothers Weren’t Groomsmen In Her Wedding, So She Gave Them Unique Roles As Flower Boys, And They Totally Nailed It

Her Mom Got Rid Of The Dollhouse Her Grandpa Made For Her, But Then Years Later, She Found It Again And Renovated It

An Elderly Man’s Jeep Plunged Through Ice, Trapping Him And His Dog In Water, But A Teen Bravely Jumped In And Rescued Them Both

His Sister Stole His Cousin’s Fiancé, And They Are Now Getting Married, But He Refuses To Attend His Sister’s Wedding, And His Mom Thinks He’s In The Wrong

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