When She Was In College, She Went Out To Grab Ice Cream With Her Friends One Night, But It Got Real Creepy Real Fast When A Strange Man Approached Them

korchemkin - - illustrative purposes only

We just heard a story about a cute girls trip out for some ice cream that got real creepy, real fast. 

These two women were in college studying for their Master’s degrees. They both had an evening class one night and decided to go out for some ice cream beforehand to help them get through the evening.

They go to school in a very nice and busy area and parked at the strip mall near their class building to go to Coldstone. 

After grabbing their ice cream, they walked through the parking lot to eat in their car. Suddenly, they heard a panicked man’s voice call out to them, saying, “Excuse me!”

They turned around to see a man who appeared to be in his 40s. He was wearing a suit but didn’t have a laptop or bag like most commuting business people in the area.

He seemed frantic and stressed as he asked the girls how to get to the train station. He had to catch a train in 20 minutes. 

The students kindly pointed him toward the train station and told him it would be a 10-minute walk. They were also in an area filled with Ubers, Lyfts, and taxicabs, so this man had options. 

The girls started walking to their car, thinking the conversation would end there. But then, he stopped them again. 

“Could you girls do me a favor?” he asked them. “If I promise to be nothing but an upstanding gentleman, could you take me to the train station so I don’t miss my train?”

korchemkin – – illustrative purposes only

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