5 Houseplants That Will Definitely Appreciate Living In Your Kitchen

Snake Plant

When you’re busy in the kitchen, watering your houseplants goes straight to the bottom of your to-do list. If this is you, I recommend adding a snake plant to a corner of your kitchen. Snake plants are low-maintenance and can handle a little neglect.

This tough plant can go weeks without water. Snake plants are also especially known for effectively clearing the toxins in the air.

African Violet

The African violet’s deep purple blooms will brighten up your kitchen immensely. But it’s a bit needier than other houseplants. So keep it happy by ensuring it gets plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and water. The flower’s soil should also be lightly moist at all times.

Coffee Plant

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the kitchen next to your coffee plant! The attractive glossy green leaves of the coffee plant will make your day every morning. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get coffee beans from your indoor plant, but it makes a great addition to your kitchen anyway.

Place the plant in your kitchen window and be prepared to water it weekly to keep the soil moist, if not more.

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