5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When It Comes To Growing Hydrangeas

Debu55y - - illustrative purposes only

Hydrangeas are incredibly eye-catching and relatively easy to care for, making them a highly sought-after flower.

The big, beautiful blooms that are the hydrangea’s signature look resemble soft, fluffy pompoms that make a statement and cause your yard to stand out.

Although they can be super easy to grow, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from making mistakes that might hinder their growth, no matter your skill level.

If your hydrangeas aren’t blossoming to their fullest potential, here are five things you might be doing wrong.


While fertilizers provide crops with the proper nutrients to grow tall and strong, too much of it can actually slow down hydrangeas’ growth or even cause them to stop producing blooms altogether.

So if your hydrangeas aren’t blooming, don’t randomly dump a bunch of fertilizer on them and hope for the best. Instead, wait for the first signs of spring to add fertilizer. And then, one more time around midsummer.


The most basic rule of gardening is that plants need water to survive, and that doesn’t exclude hydrangeas. But if you’re drenching them in hopes that they’ll bloom, don’t press your luck.

Debu55y – – illustrative purposes only

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