7 Houseplants That Are Safe For You To Have In Your Home If You’re A Cat Owner

American Rubber Plant

This plant is perfect if you live in a small space since it doesn’t grow too big. Luckily, it doesn’t need much water, so forgetful plant owners don’t need to fret!

Make sure you buy the right version of the rubber plant. The American rubber plant is safe for pets, but the rubber tree is toxic to them.

Prayer Plant

The blend of pink, green, and white of the prayer plant’s leaves are attention-grabbing to any human, so it’s bound to draw your cat’s eye as well. Luckily, they’re non-toxic and safe for your curious cat to poke around.

Keep the prayer plant in a warm, humid environment and lightly spritz it with water every few days to keep its bold pink accents strong.


Wheatgrass isn’t a particularly attractive plant. It doesn’t have uniquely patterned leaves or anything like that. But it’s popular with cats and is even beneficial to their diets, containing plenty of nutrients and fiber. So surely, it’s a much better alternative to them munching on your beloved houseplants.

Christmas Cactus

This plant consists of beautiful pink blooms that thrive in shadier areas. It’s a succulent, so it’s pretty demanding when it comes to watering.

Christmas cacti do not possess the poky spines that are traditionally found with regular cacti, so they won’t cause any injury to your cats.

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