7 Ornamental Grasses That Will Add Beauty As Well As Privacy To Your Yard

MOLLY SHANNON - - illustrative purposes only

With the help of tall grass, you can create a privacy fence for your yard without actually needing to erect a new structure. Trees and shrubs can achieve the goal, but you’ll be waiting much longer for them to grow high enough.

Planting fast-growing ornamental grasses are the way to go if you’re looking for an effective and inexpensive method to block the view of your neighbor’s prying eyes.

So check out these seven ornamental grasses to increase privacy and add beauty to your yard at a low cost.

Pink Hair Grass

Pink hair grass has a vibrant pinkish color that resembles soft cotton candy. It’s not hard to grow at all. The grass is dense and reaches about three or four feet, making it ideal for lining the edge of a patio.

The pink flowers appear in September and retain their beauty even through winter. Pink hair grass grows well in sandy or rocky soil and can tolerate dry conditions.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass grows in clumps that can get up to eight to twelve feet tall and have a spread of about four to six feet. It’s an excellent choice for the purposes of privacy.

This grass can tolerate drought and various soil conditions. It does its best when it receives full sunlight. But be careful! Pampas grass grows efficiently and can take over your yard if you let it.

MOLLY SHANNON – – illustrative purposes only

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