8 Ways To Make Sure Your Stepparents Feel Included At Your Wedding

To make this process less stressful and chaotic, you can also split up the responsibilities. For instance, you can go wedding dress shopping with your biological mom but go cake tasting with your stepmom.

Finally, you can even opt to assign different tasks to both sets of parents. Your parents might help you assemble floral arrangements while your stepparents put together favors. You get the picture.

Include All Names On Your Invitations

If you already planned to include your biological parents’ names on your wedding invitations, you can include your stepparents’ names, too.

This is a nice gesture and shows you care about them being involved and having a role on your big day. Plus, if your stepparents are contributing to the wedding in any financial capacity– otherwise “hosting”– this is a sign of appreciation and gratitude.

Don’t Forget About Attire

Parents typically dress up along with the bride and groom, so you can be involved in your stepparents’ wardrobe options and help guide their decisions.

Perhaps you can go dress shopping with both your mother and stepmother if they get along. Or, go one-on-one with each of them to still create a nice bonding experience pre-wedding day.

Plus, for the actual event, you can provide your stepmom and stepdad with special accessories or a matching color palette to adhere to. This will ensure they feel like a part of the family.

Different Ways To Walk Down The Aisle

It is typical for biological fathers to walk brides down the aisle. But, if you have stepparents, you may opt to do this completely differently.

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