After A Second Date With A Guy, He Frighteningly Followed Her Home, And Then She Found Out That He Gave Her A Fake Last Name

She texted him and asked if he could tell her his last name, and he got super weird about sending it. Red flag, much?

After some awkward back and forth, he gave her his last name, but she still didn’t look him up on social media. They talked some more on their second date, and she got to know him a bit better. However, she still wasn’t necessarily into him, so she didn’t suggest a third date right away. 

“I figured I would go home and think about it,” she explained. “He walks me to my car but walks uncomfortably close behind me.”

After she got in her car, she thought she was done with him for the night. But when she stopped at a traffic light on her way to run some errands before returning home, she noticed him in his car, right behind her. 

She figured it might’ve been a coincidence that he was driving in a similar direction to get to his place. But as she started heading towards the grocery store, she noticed he was following every turn she took.

It got so bad that she had to park in the store parking lot and wait for him to do the same before sneakily driving away while he looked for her through the rows of cars.

Once she got home, she finally did some online digging. As it turns out, he was using a fake last name.

She used old screenshots of random things he sent her from social media to track down his actual profile with his real name. He lived nowhere near where he told her he did.

“Time to delete my dating profile again,” she said.

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