After Finding Her Grandma’s Scrapbook From Her High School Years, She Hilariously Chronicled Her Grandma’s Hot Boyfriends

HF - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

After finding her grandmother’s old scrapbook from her high school years, TikTok user Lauren (@laurenofpalmsprings) is sharing pictures of all the attractive guys her grandma used to date.

The video went viral and has racked up nearly three million views.

The men in the pictures are all from Bakersfield, California, and Lauren refers to them as ‘smoking hot.’

“So we’re going to start off with this guy, Jim Dobbs. I don’t know much about him other than he was calling her ‘baby,'” said Lauren as she displayed one of the letters he had sent to her grandmother.

Next, there was Doug Pounds, followed by Dave Rodgers. Lauren held up a photo of a shirtless Dave, which prompted her to ask: “Why aren’t you my grandpa? Because I would’ve been 18 million times hotter.”

Then, there was Bob, who Lauren discovered while flipping through one of her grandma’s old dance cards from her senior year.

“Bob, you do not look like a teenager, sir. You look like an adult man. I don’t know any teenager who would dress this nicely,” said Lauren, referring to a picture of Bob wearing a suit. She also compared him to a young Bing Crosby.

And then there were pictures of a nameless man who Lauren said looked like Rock Hudson, along with Wayne Park, and finally, Guy Justo, who was the owner of a furniture store.

Flipping through the scrapbook was like entering a time machine for Lauren and her followers on TikTok.

HF – – illustrative purposes only – not the actual people

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