After Her Cousin Noticed She Was Wearing Pajama Pants At A Family Gathering, He Told Her She Would Never Be Able To Get A Boyfriend If She Keeps Dressing Like That

“I told him if a guy doesn’t want me because I enjoy wearing pajama pants out sometimes, then obviously I’m not interested in him either,” she recalled.

No matter how many times she defended herself, Greg wouldn’t stop antagonizing her over a pair of pants. Finally, she had to put her foot down and tell him that she was going to continue to wear what she wanted and there was “not a damn thing” he could do about it. 

She was so upset by Greg’s comments that she ignored him for the rest of the gathering and left without saying goodbye. Greg told his mom, her aunt, about what happened. He said that she “overreacted” to some “advice” he had given her.

Once word of their argument spread around to other family members, her dad found out about it and told her she should be the one to try and resolve things with Greg. However, she’s still angry and can’t seem to let it go. 

“I don’t feel I should apologize when I was the one subjected to harassment regarding my clothing choices,” she added.” Besides, it’s not like Greg is some grand authority on the subject.”

Should she apologize for getting angry at Greg or wait for him to apologize to her?

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