After His Girlfriend Got Into A Car Accident While Wearing Heels, He Got Her Sneakers And Told Her To Stop Driving In Dangerous Shoes

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This 28-year-old guy has a girlfriend named Emma, who is 26. And apparently, ever since he met his girlfriend, she has always enjoyed wearing high heels.

According to him, he knows that Emma makes this fashion choice because she is a bit insecure about her height.

“But it is not really a big deal when we are together, as I am short, too,” he said.

For context, he is five foot six; meanwhile, his girlfriend is five foot two. Anyway, the only real issue he has with Emma wearing high heels is that she also likes to drive in them.

And whenever they go out together, they tend to take his girlfriend’s car. So, Emma usually drives– regardless of whether she is wearing heels or not.

Now, he claims that he repeatedly tells Emma that she shouldn’t drive in heels because it is dangerous and always encourages her to switch to flat shoes. But his girlfriend always refuses– claiming that it is a hassle to switch.

Emma also always points out how she is used to driving in heels and knows how to do it well. She also claims that it is actually easier to drive in heels as opposed to other shoes because you can maneuver between the pedals easier.

Plus, Emma even reportedly got special floormats to make sure her heels never got stuck in the grooves.

“But I think she is not being honest as I can’t possibly see how it would be easier,” he admitted.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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