After His Girlfriend Got Into A Car Accident While Wearing Heels, He Got Her Sneakers And Told Her To Stop Driving In Dangerous Shoes

And just last week, his concerns might have been validated. Apparently, his girlfriend got into a small car accident and rear-ended another driver.

He was not present during the accident. But, according to Emma, another car changed lanes right in front of her, and she wound up rear-ending it.

So, following the accident, he decided to buy her a pair of sneakers. Then, he left the shoes in Emma’s car and told her to use them as her driving shoes.

His girlfriend was really offended that he did that, though, and wound up calling him a complete jerk.

She also claimed that her accident had absolutely nothing to do with her shoes and told him to drop the subject.

And now, in hindsight, he is not sure if he really was in the wrong. He realizes that his girlfriend is not a bad driver.

Instead, he actually revealed that Emma drives very well and is really skilled at parking in spots that seem very tight.

So, he admits that his suggestions might have stemmed from fear more than anything else.

“It was more of a ‘just in case’ thing, as I get scared looking at those shoes.”

He also claimed not to really think the accident was her fault. Rather, he just thought that perhaps Emma might have been able to avoid the other car better if she could have stopped faster in better shoes.

Regardless, their insurance company wound up getting back to them about the accident, and Emma ended up not being at fault.

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