After His Sister Asked Him For Money For Her Daughter’s Singing Lessons, He Snapped And Said He Would Rather Buy 5 More Cars Than Give Her A Dime

rasstock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Asking family members for money during a rough time is always uncomfortable and can cause a lot of tension.

One man has been arguing with his younger sister, who asked him for money. 

He’s 48 and married. He and his wife chose not to have children, and both work nice jobs. Because it’s just the two of them, they like spending money on hobbies and activities they enjoy. Some of his most prized possessions are classic cars he invested in and repaired. 

He has a younger sister who hasn’t always made the best decisions in her life. She’s a mom of two young kids and has been divorced twice.

She has a boyfriend who doesn’t work and sits at home all day getting stoned and playing video games. Although she has a decent job, being the sole earner has put a lot of strain on her and her kids’ lives. 

He says his sister’s boyfriend always claims to be looking for a new job or rants about how capitalism has prevented him from getting one. 

The two siblings aren’t very close, and he mentioned that his sister and her children live far away, so he doesn’t have much of a relationship with his niece or nephew. 

Recently, he and his sister got into quite an argument after she asked him for money. 

“Her daughter is a very good singer,” he explained. “My sister has wanted to enroll her in lessons with a private coach but cannot afford it.”

rasstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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