After She And Her Husband Got Her Mother-In-Law A Phone Plan For Emergencies, They Ended Up Canceling It Because Her Mother-In-Law Gave The Phone To Her 8-Year-Old Nephew Without Asking

This immediately made her pretty angry. First of all, her mother-in-law never told her or her husband about giving the phone away. And she already was not thrilled about paying for her mother-in-law’s cell phone, let alone paying for her 8-year-old nephew to have one.

So, she wound up going over to her mother-in-law’s house and saying that if her mother-in-law was not going to use the phone, then she was going to take the device off of her plan altogether.

“And I wanted the iPhone back from my nephew because my husband’s screen is cracked, and he can have hers,” she added.

After all, that would help save her and her husband a few hundred dollars since they would not have to purchase a new phone.

If you could not have guessed, though, her mother-in-law was seriously angry.

“Because it’s ‘her phone to do with as she pleases, and she wants my nephew to have it,'” she recalled.

Quite frankly, though, she pointed out how it was not her mother-in-law’s phone. She also refused to pay for it if her nephew was using it.

So, she ultimately told her husband that she was canceling the device, and she did. Then, she claimed that if her mother-in-law wanted a phone again or wanted her nephew to have one, then her mother-in-law could sign up for a plan by herself.

Her husband was not exactly on her side, though, and is now mad that she canceled the phone. Her mother-in-law, her nephew, and her nephew’s parents are also now really angry with her.

Thankfully, she did get the phone back from her nephew because it is no longer working under their plan. And honestly, she still believes she did the right thing.

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