Couples Are Leaving Traditional Wedding Guestbooks Behind And Opting For Audio Guestbooks: A Trendy New Way To Record And Save Voicemails From Wedding Guests

You can also decorate the table area with floral arrangements, candles, and any other decor to match the rest of your wedding’s aesthetics.

Then, once the phone is set up, guests simply walk over and leave their own recorded voicemail during your wedding reception.

Pros & Cons Of Audio Guestbooks

Now, this trend has become insanely popular over the last 12 months for a few key reasons.

First of all, newlyweds love listening to their guest’s completely authentic and off-the-cuff messages. The fact that they are recorded rather than written also adds another level of sentimentality, too.

Brides and grooms may catch their guests getting choked up or laughing after cracking a joke and can hold onto these “voicemails” for years to come. This enhances the emotional experience since guests’ tones can be truly conveyed over the phone.

Another obvious upside is the chicness of the whole trend– since rotary phones or other vintage recording devices make for adorable picture opportunities. The set-ups lead to great conversation starters among guests, too.

Finally, audio guestbooks allow spouses to tune into some parts of their wedding that they might have missed– like a song playing in the background or a hilarious group conversation.

At the same time, though, this leads me to point out some cons with this wedding trend.

Primarily, you want to make sure that you can actually hear your guests over music or other background noise. Due to this, you might opt to set up your audio guestbook table in a quieter corner of the venue.

And to make sure your loved ones don’t miss the table, you can put up a sign and instruct your DJ or band to make an announcement about the audio guestbook’s location.

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