Couples Are Leaving Traditional Wedding Guestbooks Behind And Opting For Audio Guestbooks: A Trendy New Way To Record And Save Voicemails From Wedding Guests

Another con relates to actually using the recording device. If you have older or non-tech-savvy guests at your wedding, they may need assistance figuring out how to leave a message.

The best way to address this potential issue is to pre-program the rotary phone or other recording devices to record continuously.

That way, all your guests have to do is pick up the phone, speak, and then hang it up once they are finished. You can even create a sign with instructions that guests can read if they are unsure of what to do.

Finally, one last potential downside pertains to the event of a malfunction. It’s not common, but it is possible that a guest audiobook could stop recording. However, there are now various guest audiobook companies that help with table set-up and have precautions in place to prevent such a disaster.

Why Not Do Both? 

If you are worried about the potential downsides of an audio guestbook– like user-friendliness or malfunction– you can always opt to include both a classic, handwritten guestbook and an audio one.

That way, guests can choose to leave a voicemail, a written note, or both! This provides you with a fool-proof backup plan in the event of any incidents– like too much background noise or a guest spilling a drink on your written guestbook.

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