Every Time His Wife Tries To Help Him Cook, He Walks Off To Play Video Games Because She’s Such A Terrible Cook

He’s tried to tell her in the past that what she does hurts the quality of the food, but she hasn’t listened.

It’s gotten to the point where anytime she walks into the kitchen, he’ll set aside his personal portion of food just the way he likes it and leave to play video games so she can do whatever she wants with the rest of the food. 

She’s caught onto this and asked him why he does it. 

“I explained for the fiftieth time that I enjoy making good food,” he said. “Her help is almost universally detrimental to the meal I’m trying to make.”

She got upset with him for being so particular about his food, and he thinks they should just leave each other alone when they’re cooking in the kitchen. 

How do you think this couple can find peace in the kitchen together?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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